Banco de evidencias

Título Autor Año Temática Lugar Contexto Nivel Link
A public health approach to preventing child abuse in low- and middle-income countries: A call for action. Skeen S.Tomlinson M. 2013 Maltrato infantil/ niños/ Prevención Padres Iran Urbano A.2
Increased death rates of domestic violence victims from arresting vs. warning suspects in the Milwaukee Domestic Violence Experiment (MilDVE) Lawrence W. Sherman and Heather M. Harris 2013 Atención/ agresores EEUU Urbano, parejas A.3
Gender norms and economic empowerment intervention to reduce intimate partner violence against women in rural Côte dIvoire: a randomized controlled pilot study Jhumka Gupta, Kathryn L Falb, Heidi Lehmann, Denise Kpebo, Ziming Xuan, Mazeda Hossain, Cathy Zimmerman, Charlotte Watts and Jeannie Annan 2013 Prevención/ normas de género/ empoderamiento económico Costa de Marfil Urbano, mujeres mayores de edad víctimas de violencia A.3
Enhancing Cognitive and Social-Emotional Development Through a Simple-to-Administer School Program Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, Eva Oberle, Molly Stewart Lawlor1, David Abbott, Kimberly Thomson, Tim F. Oberlander , Adele Diamond 2013 Prevención/ educación Canadá Urbano, niños en la escuela primaria A.3
Building Womens Economic and Social Empowerment Through Enterprise An Experimental Assessment of the Womens Income Generating Support (WINGS) Program in Uganda Christopher Blattman, Eric Green, Jeannie Annan, Julian Jamison 2013 Autonomía económica Uganda Rural, Individuos de estratos bajos A.3
Busiess Literacy and Development: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Rural Mexico Gabriel Calderon, Jesse M. Cunha, Giacomo De Giorgi 2013 Autonomía económica México Rural, Mujeres emprendedoras A.3
Controlled Trial of Psychotherapy for Congolese Survivors of Sexual Violence Judith K. Bass, Jeannie Annan, Sarah McIvor Murray, Debra Kaysen, Shelly Griffiths, Talita Cetinogl, Karin Wachter, Laura K. Murray, and Paul A. Bolton 2013 Atención/ víctimas República democrática del Congo Rural A.3
Increased homicide victimization of suspects arrested for domestic assault: A 23-year follow-up Lawrence W. Sherman and Heather M. Harris 2013 Atención/ agresores EEUU Urbano, parejas A.3
Randomized clinical trial examining the incremental efficacy of a 90-minute motivational alcohol intervention as an adjunct to standard batterer intervention for men Gregory L. Stuart, Ryan C. Shorey, Todd M. Moore, Susan E. Ramsey, Christopher W. Kahler, Timothy J. O’Farrell, David R. Strong, Jeff R. Temple, Peter M. Monti 2013 Atención/ agresores USA Urbano, perpetradores de violencia doméstica A.3
How a personal development program enhances social connection and mobilises women in the community Nandila Spry, Teresa Marchant 2014 Autonomía económica Australia Urbano, mujeres que pertenecen a comunidades cercanas a la iglesia, refugios de violencia doméstica o comunidad Árabe C.3