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Título Autor Año Temática Lugar Contexto Nivel Link
A Comparative Effectiveness Review of Parenting and Trauma Focused Interventions for Children Exposed to Maltreatment Goldman,J.Lloyd,S.Murphy, R.Crowson, M.Zolotor, A.Coker-Schwimmer, E.Viswanathan, M. 2012 Maltrato infantil/ niños/ Prevención Padres Estados Unidos Urbano A.2
Effectiveness of a Universal School-Based Social Competence Program: The Role of Child Characteristics and Economic Factors Tina Malti, DenisRibeaud, Manuel Eisner 2012 Prevención/ educación Suiza Urbano, niños en la escuela primaria A.3
Empowering Women: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Afghanistan Andrew Beath, Fotini Christia, Ruben Enikolopov 2012 Autonomía económica Afganistán Rural, municipalidades pobres A.3
Soft Skills or Hard Cash? The Impact of Training and Wage Subsidy Programs on Female Youth Employment in Jordan Matthew Groh Nandini Krishnan David McKenzie Tara Vishwanath 2012 Autonomía económica Jordania Urbano (comparación entre la capital y provincias) A.3
Business Training and Female Enterprise Start-up, Growth, and Dynamics: Experimental evidence from Sri Lanka Suresh de Mel, David McKenzie, Christopher Woodruff, 2012 Autonomía económica Sri lanka, Urbano, mujeres con pequeñas empresas o mujeres desempleadas A.3
Effect of Screening for Partner Violence on Womens Quality of Life A Randomized Controlled Trial Joanne Klevens, Romina Kee, William Trick, Diana Garcia, Francisco R. Angulo, Robin Jones, Laura S. Sadowski 2012 Atención/ víctimas Estados Unidos Urbano, pacientes de hospitales A.3
The impact of economic resource transfers to women versus men: a systematic review Joanne Yoong, Lila Rabinovich, Stephanie Diepeveen 2012 Autonomía económica Uganda Urbano y Rural, Mujeres y hombres de estratos bajos A.2
Measuring the Effect of a Community-level Program on Womens Empowerment Outcomes: Evidence from India Eeshani Kandpal Kathy Baylis Mary Arends-Kuenning 2013 Autonomía económica India Rural, Mujeres de estratos bajos B.2
Preventive interventions and sustained attachment security in maltreated children. Stronach EP1, Toth SL, Rogosch F, Cicchetti D. 2013 Maltrato infantil/ niños/ Prevención Padres Estados Unidos intervención dirigida a madres biológicas A.3
Improving Positive Parenting Skills and Reducing Harsh and Abusive Parenting in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review Knerr, W.Gardner, F.Cluver, Lucie 2013 Maltrato infantil/ niños/ Prevención Padres Otros Urbano A.2