Banco de evidencias

Título Autor Año Temática Lugar Contexto Nivel Link
The impact of length of domestic violence treatment on the patterns of subsequent intimate partner violence Christopher D. Maxwell, Robert C. Davis, Bruce G. Taylor 2010 Atención/ agresores USA Urbano, hombres perpetradores de violencia doméstica. A.3
ACT Against Violence Parents Raising Safe Kids Program: Effects on Maltreatment-Related Parenting Behaviors and Beliefs. Knox M.Burkhart K.Hunter K. 2011 Maltrato infantil/ niños/ Prevención Padres Estados Unidos Urbano B.4
The Impact of Access to Free Childcare on Womens Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from a Randomized Trial in Low-income Neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro Ricardo Paes de Barros, Pedro Olinto, Trine Lunde, Mirela Carvalho 2011 Autonomía económica Brasil Urbano, mujeres con hijos entre 0 y 3 años B.2
Effectiveness of School-Based Violence Prevention for Children and Youth: Cluster randomized field trial of the Roots of Empathy program with replication and three-year follow-up Robert G. Santos, Mariette J. Chartier, Jeanne C. Whaln, Dan Chateau and Leanne Boyd 2011 Prevención/ niños/ Educación Canadá Rural, Niños de 5 a 14 años A.3
An integrated intervention to reduce intmate partner violence in pregnancy: A randomized controlled trial Michele Kiely, Ayman El-Mohandes, M. Nabil El-Khorazaty, Marie Gantz 2011 Prevención/ Violencia de pareja/ embarazo Estados Unidos Urbano, mujeres embarazadas de minorías étnicas A.3
Group lending or individual lending? Evidence from a randomised field experiment in Mongolia Orazio Attanasio, Britta Augsburg, Ralph De Haas, Emla Fitzsimons, Heike Harmgart 2011 Autonomía económica Mongolia Rural A.3
Subsidizing Vocational Training for Disadvantaged Youth in Colombia: Evidence from a Randomized Trial Orazio Attanasio, Adriana Kugler, and Costas Meghir 2011 Autonomía económica Colombia Jóvenes desfavorecidos / Urbano A.3
Identification and Referral to Improve Safety (IRIS) of women experiencing domestic violence with a primary care training and support programme: a cluster randomised controlled trial Gene Feder, Roxane Agnew Davies, Kathleen Baird, Danielle Dunne, Sandra Eldridge, Chris Griffiths, Alison Gregory, Annie Howell, Medina Johnson, Jean Ramsay, Clare Rutterford, Debbie Sharp 2011 Atención/ víctimas Reino Unido Urbano, personal medico A.3
Competent Parents, Protected Children: Outcomes Evaluation of the ""Viviendo en Familia"" Program. Gómez E.Cifuentes B.Ortún Cecilia 2012 Maltrato infantil/ niños/ Prevención Padres Chile Urbano C.4
Parent-child interaction therapy: an evidence-based treatment for child maltreatment Thomas R, Zimmer-Gembeck MJ. 2012 Maltrato infantil/ niños/ Prevención Padres Australia Urbano A.3